Thursday, June 5, 2014

Culture and Leadership 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion on the role a leader in managing the organizational culture and also noted the 5 major questions to ponder over. In today's byte we look at a few of these questions.

What leaders pay attention to:
Leaders n a organization communicate their priorities, values and beliefs though the theme that consistently emerge from what they focus on - one could observe these by noticing what they notice, what they comment on, what they measure and what they control. 

Leaders must be consistent in what they pay attention to, measure and control; in order to communicate to the employees and give a clear signal on what is important in the organization. In consistency on this front would get the employees confused thanks to the inconsistent signals.

How leaders react to Crisis:
Crisis is a situation when leadership is actually tested - how a leader deals with such situations communicate a powerful message about culture. Often emotions are heightened during crisis and learning is intense.

It has been observed that difficult economic times present crisis from companies and illustrate their different values. Some organizations do everything possible to prevent laying off workers while others claim that employees are important but quickly institute major layoffs at the first signal of economic downturn.

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