Monday, June 9, 2014

Culture and Leadership 3

In the last byte, we looked at how one could understand the leaders focus by observing what the leader pays attention to and how he would react in crisis. In today's byte, we look further to understand how leaders could reinforce culture by how he/she behaves.
How Leaders Behave?

By role modeling, teaching, and coaching, leaders reinforce the values that support the organizational culture. One could often find employees emulating the leader's behavior and look for cues when they would like to understand what the appropriate behavior would be.
In the dynamic business environment we stay today, we often hear organizations say that they are encouraging employees to behave more entrepreneurially - taking up more initiative, and be more innovative in their jobs. Even in this case, it is required that the leaders themselves behave  entrepreneurially.
One could extend the above example of entrepreneurial culture to any value in an organizational culture. Employees often find themselves observing the leader to find out what the organizations' values are.

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