Thursday, June 12, 2014

Organizational Socialization

In the last byte, we looked at how hiring and firing decisions could be important indicators of the organizational culture. In today's byte, we look at organizational socialization. 

We have clearly understood, based on our earlier discussion the role of leaders in defining organizational values, that leaders play a key role in shaping an organization's culture. Another such process that perpetuates culture is the way it is handed down from generation to generation of employees - the underlying process here is "Organizational Socialization".

Organizational Socialization refers to the process by which new comers into an organization are transformed from outsiders to participating, effective members of the organization.

We have earlier discussed how the new-comer selection often reinforces the organization's culture. It is just the first step in the process. Once selected these people pass through the process of socialization in the organization and this is thus the vehicle for bringing newcomers into the organizational culture. 

We shall discuss the various stages of organizational socialization next.

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