Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Develop the necessary skills for your Career

In the last byte, we looked at the shift from  the top-down firms of the old career paradigm to organizational empowerment to new career paradigm. In today's byte, we looked at a means of developing the necessary skills for career progression.

If an individual thinks of oneself as being in the business for oneself, even if the individual works for someone else, then there would be an enormous positive impact on the career. Knowing the skills one has to package for other employers, helps acquire the necessary skills. Organizations too need employees who have acquired multiple skills and are adept at more than one job - note that there is the skills that would help dealing with change. The self-reliance necessary to deal with the change is a key skill. 

The flexible and team-oriented people, those energized by change, those who are tolerant to ambiguity are all found to easily adjust in the scenarios of a new career paradigm. The people who have rigid in their thinking, learning styles, and have a high need for control are those who become frustrated in the new career. 

As a famous researcher says - "a commitment to continuous, lifelong learning will prevent your from becoming a professional dinosaur!"

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