Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Occupational Choice

In the last byte, we classified the choices at the beginning of one's career into organizational and occupational choices. In today's byte, we look at occupational choice.
Individuals assess their needs, values, abilities and preferences and attempt to match them with an occupation that could provide them with the fit they seek. (Many a times, people at the early states of this - would need to pick up the skill of networking to really make this assessment possible)
Personality plays a role in the selection of occupation. The research by John Holland identified six types of personalities - each personality characterized by a set of interest and values. We could group occupations similarly. The following table summarizes these:
 The assumption that drives the theory is that people choose occupations that match their own personalities. 

Beyond the personality that influences occupational choice, others like social class, parents' occupation, economic conditions and geography all play a major role in the occupational choice.

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