Friday, July 25, 2014

Organizational Choice

In the last byte, we discussed occupational choice. In today's byte, we look at the organizational choice one has to do at the beginning of their career.

One completely rational way of making the choice of the organization is using the expectancy model of decision making. When applied in the context of organizational choice, we can claim that individuals choose organization sthat mazimise positive outcomes and avoid negative outomes and then compare the probabilities across organization. 

But in reality, this might not be possible - people may tend to make less rational decision. One such approach is the satisficing approach that the individual might use - the first organization that meets one's criteria list might be chosen. The candidate then justify their choice by distroting their perception!

There is no encompassing appraoch that people might adopt - their choice might be a combination of the expectancy theory and others that might seem less rational. The choice may be complicated by the conflicts that can occur between individuals and the organization. 

We shall look into this in the next byte.

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