Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Career Stages - description

In the last byte, we looked at the career stage model. In today's byte, we describe the 4 stages there in. 

The diagram shown in the last byte, presented the career stage model indicated that the individuals pass through four stages in their careers - establishment, advancement, maintenance and withdrawal. The age ranges shown are approximations and the timing od these career transitions could vary greatly with amongst individuals! Lets now look at what these stages actually describe.

  • Establishment: The first stage of a person's career in which the person learns the job and begins to fit into the organization and occupation
  • Advancement: The second high achievement oriented career stage in which people focus on increasing their competence
  • Maintenance: The third stage in an individual's career in which the individual tries to maintain productivity while evaluating progress toward career goals
  • Withdrawal: The final stage in an individual's career in which the individual contemplates retirement or possible career change.

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