Thursday, June 14, 2012

ABC Model - Understanding Attitude

In the last blog, we looked at attitude and began our discussion to understand its nature better. In today's blog we look at the ABC model of understanding Attitude.

It is clear that only when one responds will one be able to evaluate the attitude one holds towards an individual, activity or situation. For the sake of clarity on understanding attitude, we could break it down into 3 aspects
1. Affect
2. Behavioral Intentions
3. Cognition

Affect is the emotional component of an attitude. Behavioral Intentions is the intention to behave in a certain way towards an object or a person. The third component of Cognition reflects a person's perception or belief.  To understand this better, let’s take some examples:
The sentence - "I don’t like my work" indicates the emotion/feeling one has - this reflects the affective component of an attitude.
The sentence - "I want a transfer to another department" reflects a behavior intention of the person - this is the behavioral intensions part of an attitude.
The sentence - "I believe my boss has favorites" reflects a person's belief, this is the cognitive component of an attitude.

This ABC model to understand an attitude suggests that, to completely and thoroughly understand an attitude, one must assess all three components.


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  2. Dear Muthusamy,
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  3. Really helpful information, by the way, do you have complete instrument/item for these 3 elements. Thank you

  4. Thanks Omar. No I wouldn't be able to help you with the instrument here.