Thursday, November 10, 2011

Journey So Far

Over the last nearly 35 blogs, we have looked at organization from a theoretical context.

The study of organization theory summarizes the patter of growth of organizations through their lifespan. We have covered initially the phase of looking at organization processes like - centralization etc and its implication on the organization. We then moved on to discuss about the relation between environment and organization.

Before we proceed, we would love to inform our future plans. Our steady success over the last 9 months of operations have given us the confidence to move to the next leap - A newsletter.

We would love to listen to our readers what they would love to see in the newsletter. This is the starting point for us to enhancing our ambit of offerings and making it more relevant to the readers of this blog.

Expecting your response.

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  1. Yes, a newsletter is very much required.. its a great idea to have a newsletter in management side