Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barriers to Social Perception

In the last blog we looked at the characteristics of situation and how that influences the social perception. In today's blog we begin our discussion on the barriers to social perception.

There are several factors that could lead us to having inappropriate impressions of others - some of these are:
  • Selective Perception
  • Stereotype
  • First Impression Error
  • Projection
  • Self-Fulfilling prophesy. 

In today's blog we shall define these and continue the discussion on each of these in the next blog.

Selective Perception refers to the process of selecting information that supports our individual viewpoints while discounting information that threatens our viewpoint

Stereotype refers to the generalization about a group of people

First impression error refers to the tendency to form lasting opinions about an individual based on initial perception

Projection refers to overestimating the number of people who share our own beliefs, values and behavior

Self-fulfilling Prophecy refers to the situation in which our expectations about people affect our interaction with them in such a way that our expectations are fulfilled.

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