Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Structural configurations

In the last byte, we looked at some of the questions that one would need to ask when designing an organization. In today's byte, we try summarizing the various designs and some of the characteristics associated with it.

The following table summarizes 5 structural configurations:

We have earlier discussed about the various organizational structures possible and the implications of these designs etc in our discussion on organizational theory and development concepts.

Your could read more about these form the following links:
  1. http://somanagement.blogspot.in/search/label/Organizational%20Theory
  2. http://somanagement.blogspot.in/search/label/Organizational%20Development%20%E0%B2%B5%E0%B3%8D%E0%B2%AF%E0%B2%B5%E0%B2%B9%E0%B2%BE%E0%B2%B0%E0%B2%BF%E0%B2%95%20%E0%B2%89%E0%B2%A8%E0%B3%8D%E0%B2%A8%E0%B2%A4%E0%B2%BF

So we shall limit our discussion on organizational structure and move to understanding organizational culture.

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