Monday, April 23, 2012

The complete systems view of an organization

In the last blog, we looked at four internal components of the open systems framework. In today's blog we build towards completing the various components of the open systems framework and represent it through a diagram.

It is clear that organiations operate in an external eviornment filled with suppliers, customers, regulators etc - these form part of the Task Environment in which the organization attempts to accomplish its "Task". For any organization, there exists a combination of the human capital, material, finance and information that form the Inputs which would be processed using the internal compoents explained in the last blog to obtain the desired output in the form of either a product or a service. We could represent the whole of the discussion since yesterday in the following diagram.

The diagram is an adaption from the Fig 1.1 (Open Systems View of Organization) in the standard reference book on Organizational Behavior we detailed out at the begining of this series.

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