Saturday, December 21, 2013

Goal Setting: Work motivation and Task performance

In the last byte, we looked at aspects of setting up SMART goals the role these goals play in the context of an organization. In today's byte, we look at how to improve work motivation and task performance using goal setting.

In setting up the goals we mentioned that challenging goals achieve a better performance corresponding to the effort put in by the people. If we look at this aspect closely, in the context of organizations 3 important behavioral aspects are necessary to enhance performance these are:
  1. Employee Participation
  2. Supervisory Commitment
  3. Performance feedback
Employee participation in the goal setting process enhances their commitment towards the goal to be accomplished. Goal acceptance is the beginning of this commitment process and finally leads to goal accomplishment.

Supervisory commitment is the reflection of the organization's commitment too. It is only in ensuring that the commitment of the organization and the supervisors that would drive towards ensuring the success of any program.

The other important role that the supervisor plays is that of providing the employee performance feedback on the progress towards goals. These sessions of performance feedback are found to be most useful when the goals are specific.

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