Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stress 2

In the last byte, we looked at some definitions associated with the concept of stress. In today's byte, we look at the nature of stress and initiate the discussion on the various theories that attempt to explain stress.

Stress is an important concept in the study of organizational behavior - this is partly due to the increased competitive pressure that exists in the current business world and this intern takes a toll on the workers and managers alike. Poor Leadership, Work-Family conflicts are some of the leading causes of stress in the present working scenario.

Stress is definitely one of the most creatively ambiguous words in the vocabulary - it has many interpretations and has a variety of meanings. It carries a negative connotation for few, and is generally thought of as something that is best avoided. Having defined the terms related to stress, it is now time to initiate the discussion on the different approaches that have been taken up to explain stress and related behavior. These are:
  1. The Homeostatic/Medical Approach
  2. The cognitive Appraisal Approach
  3. The person-environment fit Approach
  4. The psychoanalytic Approach
We shall discuss about these in detail in the next byte.

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