Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance Appraisal System

In the last byte, we looked at how 360 degree feedback could be made more effective. In today's byte, we look at a key function of good performance appraisal system.

A good performance appraisal system would need to keep the development of people and career enhancement in mind during execution. Developmentally, these appraisal systems should emphasize individual growth needs and future performance. Mutual trust between the supervisor and the follower employee is crucial for the success. The supervisor would have to be open to any challenge from the subordinate, keep an eye on the responsibility for execution. It is quintessential that the supervisor be skilled, empathetic listener and constantly encourages the employee.

The employee must take active responsibility for future development and growth - the individual shouldn’t be frightened to challenge the supervisor’s idea about future development and should express his/her preference/goals.

Thus, both the supervisor and the employee should look at their roles from the developmental angle to make the performance appraisal really impactful in the long run.

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