Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance Management: Actual & Measured

In the last byte, we looked at performance appraisal and what the objective would be when one attempts to have a performance appraisal. In today's byte, we begin understanding performance measurement in greater detail.

Measuring Performance of individuals is not an easy task. As an evaluator it is always possible to overlook certain features, while considering only a few! Yes, part of this problem could be due to the timing of the measurement and the other part could be the nature of the work itself! Whatever the reason - it is always possible that we overlook parts of the performance. If we are to consider this piece of measuring using circles like shown below, we through overlooking would have shifted the 2 circles - actual and measured performance away from each other.

The overlap between what is actual and what is measure is what is truly assessed by the evaluator. This would definitely put you to think - What about the area which in the measured circle which is not the true assessment? We shall deal about this in the next byte.

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