Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dialectical Inquiry and Quality Circles

In the last byte, we looked at Nominal Group Technique and Delphi Technique of group decision making. In today's byte, we look at Dialectical Inquiry and the concept of quality circles. 

Dialectic Inquiry essentially refers to two opposing sets of recommendations and the debate between these opposing recommendations. While it sounds like conflict - it is a constructive approach as it helps the benefits and limitations of both sets of ideas emerge.

The key to make this method effective is the ability to look beyond the win-lose as an individual attitude and instead focus on reaching the most effective solutions for all the concerned parties. Framing thus becomes an important aspect when detailing the decision in question.

Quality circles refer to the method where a small voluntary group meets up to provide inputs on solving quality or production problems. It could be seen as a means to extending participative decision making in teams. Managers generally listen to the recommendations and implement the same.

This is a bottom up approach that helps the manager gets valuable inputs into his decision making while still retaining authority in the decision making.

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