Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Power 12

In the last byte, we looked at Kanter’s symbols of power. In today's byte, we look at Korda's symbols of power and attempt to see how these two are different. 

Michael Korda uses rather unusual symbols - office furniture, time power and standing by as symbols of Power.

Furniture gives an interesting indication of the power one holds. Ex: The size of one's desk may convey the amount of power or, a rectangular (rather than circular) conference table could enable the most important person to sit at the head of the table.
Time power refers to the use of clocks and watches as power symbols. Often, we find personal planners left open on the desk to display a busy schedule!
Standing by refers to the obligation on people to be available (connected through internet, cell phones, pagers etc at all times so executive could reach them.
An interesting definition of power by Korda is that - there are more people who inconvenience themselves on your behalf than there are people on whose behalf you would inconvenience yourself.
While Kanter's symbols focus on the ability to help others, Korda's symbols focus on the status.

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