Friday, January 17, 2014

Dynamic Followers

In the last byte, we looked at our discussion on Effective Follower. Today we discuss about Dynamic Followers.

A general assumption about followers is that they are someone in a powerless, dependent role - they do not take up potent, active, significant roles. Dynamic followers are more contemporary, and play a healthy role.
A dynamic follower is a follower who is a responsible steward of his or her job, is effective in managing the relationship with the boss and practices self-management.
Over time, dynamic followers become a trusted advisor to the supervisor/boss by keeping the supervisor/boss well informed and building trust and dependability into the relationship. Another nature of these dynamic followers is that they are open to constructive criticism and solicit performance feedback actively. They share the needs and are responsible in functioning.
Note: It takes time and patience to nurture a good relationship between a follower and supervisor.

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